Mograph mastery toolbox


This free tool works with any version of Adobe After Effects, and it bundles some essential functions to speed up your workflow

Mograph Mastery Toolbox


Layer Sequencer

Sequence the layers in the order of selection or reverse order of selection. You can specify the frame offset amount, or you can randomly offset frames within a specified amount of frame range.

Generate Layers from Masks

Imagine you have about 100 mask shapes on a single layer and you need to separate them into 100 individual layers. The tool allows you to do so with a single click with the option to move the anchor point to the mask center.

Layer Selection Utility

The tool allows you to select layers in different patterns.


This feature is designed to make extruded 3D objects such as extruded logos and text. It can be very time consuming and repititive to duplicate layers, move them in Z axis to make somethign look 3D inside After Effcts. Now you can do it with one click.

Camera System

Setting up a camera rig is simple in After Effects, but it is repititive wehn you have to do it for every project. Our tool allows you to create a simple camera rig with one click. It is simple but, so effective because we have been ussing it for over 150 projects. 

Installation Process

  1. Download the Mograph_Mastery_Toolbox.jsxbin file
  2. Go to Adobe After Effects root folder
  3. Go to Support Files -> Scripts -> ScriptUI Panels
  4. Paste the “Mograph_Mastery_Toolbox.jsxbin”  file in the ” ScriptUI Panels” folder
  5. Restart Adobe After Effects if it is already open
  6. You should find the tool at the bottom of the “Windows” menu in Adobe After Effects.